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Member Participation is our driving force


Membership entitles you to participate in performances and/or production teams and social events with the club.

You are encouraged to attend our monthly general meetings. Please send an email to for dates and times.

As a member, you are also invited to attend the final dress rehearsal of each production. This is one of many member appreciation social evenings.

Membership Fees: $20/person | $25/family​​

Team Meeting

While everyone is encouraged to audition, not everyone is interested in performing in the shows - but they still wish to be involved in any way possible. No matter what your interest, joining the Langley Little Theatre in any capacity is not only a great way to give back to your community, but it's also an excellent way to get out there and meet new people. And the best part is, it's tremendously fun!

Jobs You Can Do

Here is some information on the many "roles" that can be played behind the scenes during any given production.

There are many different jobs that need doing in the theatre, and most people don't realize how important the people who get these jobs done really are - no production would be successful without them!

You can be involved in just one production, or you can be involved in all three - every helping hand is a welcome one! We usually give on the job training or you can partner up with someone and share a project. It's a lot of fun and you can learn about the different aspects of the theatre.

Different jobs require different levels of commitment…here are general guidelines for some of the positions. (These are not written in stone, and can vary.)

Key Positions             commitment
Director                                            8 weeks (plus preparation time)
Producer                                                                                 12 weeks
Stage Manager                                                                      12 weeks
Lighting Design                                                          1 day to 1 week
Sound Design                                                             1 day to 1 week
Lighting & Sound Operators                       5 weeks (not every day)

Programs/Poster Designer                                        1 day to 1 week
Program Coordinator                                                              2 weeks
Set Design                                                                        1 to 3 weeks
Set Construction Team                                                     3 weekends
Set Decoration Team                                    3 weeks (not every day)
Front of House (Box Office/Concession)         1 evening/matinee 

                                                                       (more nights if possible)

Other Teams:
Costumes / Make-up 
Programs / Graphic Design

Building & Maintenance
Play Selection
Theatre BC Rep
Board of Directors

Your volunteer time is highly valued. Any expenses incurred for purchases on behalf of the club are always reimbursed. Unfortunately we do not cover your gas costs.